Saturday, August 21, 2010


As you knew that equity SIP is my main concept and I am very happy to say you that my favourite concept of eqity SIP now offered by “icici direct “ to his custmors. I think it is prove my past article that say icici direct is one of best online trading platform which provide his customer good service.
When you make a SIP in equity:-
It helps you to make  disciplined investments
also Helps you in spreading and averaging your cost of purchase
it Removes the risk of timing the market

it Accumulates wealth by investing smalls sums regularly
it reduce  the risk of market volatility
But there are a main negative point for icici direct equity SIP that there is no change in the brokerage rates for Equity SIP transactions. Brokerage rates and applicable charges applicable for Equity SIP transactions would be the same as your cash transactions.
And you knew that brokerage of icici direct is very high and without brokarage rebate this SIP offer is sense less

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