Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hi Sir,
I have 140
Tata Motors bought @ 739. Could you advise me that what is the target price? Should I hold until the company publish the Q1 results or sell it?
Best Regards,
Hridhya Prajeesh
1. Tata motors are a well known auto company of Tata group.
2. As you see all Tata group companies is posted good result and well appreciated by market. 3. But my thinking is some negative on Tata motors.
4. First reason that I am bearish on banking and auto sector because they all ready run well.
5. Second Tata sons chairmen “RATAN TATA” is retired soon and it is market hobby that he beaten down companies where big management change is happen (for a short time)
6. So I think my view is negative on Tata motors .

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