Friday, August 13, 2010


One more stock has come on my radar - Graphite India. I think its good company with sound fundamentals ( what I like the lost is the reducing debt for last 4yrs and increasing net profit for the last 3 yrs, excellent dividend yield of 3%)
I think at CMP its fairly valued.
But do you think it can be a potential multi-bagger for long-term say 3-5 yrs.
Thanks In Advance,
Ask by vikas bargale
1. graphite India ltd is a 2 rupee face value share, this share is belong to BSE 500 index
2. book value of graphite India ltd is 64.38 currently traded at 99
3. 52 week high of graphite India ltd is 111.90 and year low 48.60
4. EPS of FY 09-10 is 13.58 so share traded at P/E 7.5
5.promoter holding is 62.69 % FII holding 8.89 %
6. this year graphite India give dividend of 3.50 per share and continue give dividend near about 3 rupee per share per year.
7. but in 06.08.2010 bulk deal of 79.41 lac shares in sell side is happen in graphite India it is a concern for short term.
8. one other point that graphite India launches a Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) formulated by the Company at its graphite electrode plant at Bengaluru, more than 50% of the workmen/staff submitted their applications . WHY ? if staff is sure about future growth then they never give VRS application. I think this is also a concern.
9. I think wait this share below 60 for making fresh buying.
10. My holding is nil in graphite India ltd.

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