Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hello Maheshji,

Please tell me the future of Indiabulls Power. Again, I am a long term investor and can wait for many years 2,3,4,5 or 10 years.
Thanks a ton.
Ask by pravesh jain

1. India bulls power is a power company traded at 27.30 near his year low 26 ( year high 45.30)

2. book value of India bull’s power is 17.49 so share traded above his book value.

3. promoter holding 58.61 % FII holding 11.17 % is good

4. at 11.02.2010 bulk deal of 1.05 cr. Share is seen at sell side @31.30

5. company is good , management is good and if you are ready to stay in this share for long term then no need to worry yoy will get good returns but if this share come below 16 ( not sure but if come in any great fall) then average out your quantity.

6. this is my view only not an advice.

7. my holding is nil in this company

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