Saturday, August 22, 2009

why kwality dairy makes new highs every day

Respected sir, I want to know about kwality dairy. I think its fundamental is not much good. But this stock is going high day by day. Why? - ask by shri nisu katiyar ji by mail
1. Promoter share holding in kwality dairy is very strong 4 Indian promoters hold 83.70 percent stake in this company.
2. Kwality dairy net profit continues in up trend with last three years. So fundamental of company is good. But price is very high and not match with fundamentals.
3. remember in 27 oct 2008 kwality dairy is trading at 14.60 and in 20 aug 2009 it reach at 449.95and in 2003 kwality dairy price only 1.85
3. Now we came your questions that “why kwality dairy going high day by day? That kwality dairy is a small cap company and authorized equity capital of kwality dairy is only 18.20 crore it means company have only 1, 82, 00,000 share and in these shares 1, 52, 33,400 shares hold by promoters.
4. So public hold only 29, 66,600 shares if big player hold this share and create a buy demand then price rise up day by day until demand is saturated.
5. We advice you if you hold kwality dairy then book your profit as soon as possible because if any bad news come in this stock then trap at high price.
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