Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have around Rs 10 lakhs for investing in stocks. Is it a good time to invest? Should I invest.
Can you suggest 5/6 good stocks where I can invest? My investment horizon is 2 years-ask by anoanymous.

1.First off all you invest 10,000 in delivery base nifty units (also called nifty ETF) in every Monday till 3.50 lac is invested. It takes time near about 9 months but in this method you accumulate nifty in good average price I choose Monday because most of Monday market is down.
2.Similarly invest 10000 in gold ETF at every Monday till 3.50 lac is invested.
Hold 3.00 lac as cash.
3.after 9 months when you complete 3.50 lac in niftyETF and 3.50 lac in gold ETF then watch your investment value at every Monday suppose you see value of nifty ETF is 380000 due to market rise then sell some nifty ETF to book 30000 and maintain 350000 in nifty and you see gold ETF at 335000 due to fall in gold price then invest 15000 in gold ETF and maintain it at 350000.
4.repeat this process every Monday, if value of every fund (nifty or gold) is reduce then 350000 then add more unit from your cash holding and maintain it 350000 and if value more then 350000 then book profit of excess amount.
5.In this method you book profit when market is up and make new investment when market is rise.
6.Power of this method is very strong suppose if nifty or gold rise only 1% in a week then you earn 7000 and you’re monthly earning 28000 if they rise 4% in a month. And when market down you automatically invest fresh amount to maintain 350000.
7.I think this is a best policy to invest in market and also give you trading benefit and chance of loss in this method very low.
8.if any one have less amount even if 150000 then divide it 3 block of 50000 and use this method.
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