Saturday, August 22, 2009


I have 700 shares of HMT at avg price of 70/-. I am holding the stock for last five months.
Could you please suggest what to do with it?-Ask by shri Chandrachur by mail

1.this is a government PSU company and government hold 98.88 percent stake in HMT
2.FII and UTI or other mutual funds also hold shares in HMT so I think in this view company fundamental are strong. HMT 44 percent buying is on delivery base (as per information available on BSE )
4.The only one and most important negative thing in this company is that company makes loss continue and loss increase every quarter so this is a sick government unit.
5.We think one day government either sell stake of this company or try to make it a profit making company if this happen that day you make a decent profit in such type of stock so forget it for a good time.
6.I think forgetting of your 49000 is best policy but if you find it is difficult to wait a long time then book a suitable quantity at coming rally and hold remain.
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  1. sir i have reliance communication which i bought 22shares at 230/share and i can wait for another 3-4months for my rate which is 230rs only so could u please suggest me what to do..

  2. respected ashwin ji
    please ask youe questions direct to send a mail to
    reliance comunication is not a bad company it will definately see price of 300+ but your time is very short because telecom sectore is underperforming sectore and if a sectore is underperform it will take minimum 1-2 year for bounce back


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