Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Avoid auto sector right now

We advice our readers that they can not invest there hard earn money in auto stocks like maruti, m&m, hero Honda, bajaj auto ,tata motarand other auto companies. Because:- sectors make new highs in last five months you may note that price of maruti go to 500 to 1500 and we recommended mahindra and mahindra on this blog when it price is only 300 and now it is 900. So all the target of auto sectors is achieved and now the time to trap greedy investors.
2.Stock market always makes such type of trap. When a stocks make new highs it is technically very very sound so technical analyst advice investors to great target remember when reliance make new high of 3000 then technical analysts give target of 5000 and most of investors trap for a long long time.
3.If a fall came in auto sectors do not buy these shares because it is market behaviors that if market down a sectors with there peak then it enter in bear cycle for minimum 2 year.
4.So if you already hold auto segment share then hold it with strict stop loss because it is possible that this rally is continue till dec 09.
If you have any stock related quarry then please sent it to and we will reply you on this blog at free of cost.

Key words:-do not buy maruti share, do not buy mahindra and mahindra share, technical analysis fundamental analysis maruti mahindra and mahindra bajaj auto hero Honda tata motar lml buy or sell advice.

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