Friday, August 28, 2009

Multi bagger stock recommendations series part 1: natraj protein

Respected sir i want your valuable advicein natraj protein.should i invest in thise stocks. pls suggest me. -ask by shri nisu katiyar from mail

1.natraj proteins ltd promoters hold 20,32,500 share but they pledged 1259500 share so if we see promoter holding of this company this is a neutral condition neither very positive nor very negative.
2.general public hold 25,07,500 share in this company so I think this quantity easily block by some big players when they want to start speculation in natraj protein this sign show that natraj proteins ltd have potential to became a multi bagger stock
3.if we see last few year high low in natraj protein it see that in last 13 years share make a low 0.60 paisa in 1997 and high 28.50 in 2008 so this share have potential to start multiply run but itis possible only when it cross 29 with high volume.
4.fundamental of natraj protein company is also good with a EPS of 2.13 and book value 23.23
But natraj protein is a high debt company it debt/equity ratio is more then 2 is very bad fundamental.
5.natraj protein net operating income is continue in up trend in year 2004 net operating income is 86.58 cr and in 2008 it reach at 160.43 cr.
6.So we think one day natraj protein share may became a multi bagger so only high risk speculative investors enter in this stock and wait for it multiple run (read disclaimer before investing) so you can buy this stock for a decent return.
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