Monday, August 31, 2009


singer India is a small cap former penny stock now traded at bse scrip id 505729 at the price of 30.55
Singer India have 92, 51,559 equity share. And general public hold only 872422 shares this means promoters of company hold 90.57 percent stake in this company so promoters holding are strong in this company. (base BSE information as June 09 quarter)
you noted that general public hold only 872422 shares and company record net profit of 18.90 cr at June 09 quarter EPS of singer India for June 09 is 2.42 it means if we estimate FY 09-10 EPS of singer India 10 then share traded at P/E of 3.
singer India is a debt free small cap company
after it financial restructuring and low public share holding or zero debt we think that singer India is ready to became a multi bagger but read disclaimer on this site before investing and our discloser that Mahesh chander kaushik owner of this site also hold 120 shares of singer India so our personal interest is included in this company .

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