Wednesday, August 26, 2009


hello sir.i want to invest in mutual funds.plz recommend me a good mutual fund which can give good returns on short term investment.-ask by satya ji from mail

Respected satya ji
We recommended you to invest in HDFC TOP 200 FUND (G) because

1.the crisil CPR rank of HDFC TOP 200 FUND (G) is 1 and value research give5 star rating to this fund
2.HDFC TOP 200 FUND (G) gives 304.1 percent return in last 5 year and 65.9 percent in last three year and 24 percent in last 1 year.
3.HDFC TOP 200 FUND (G) asset size on 31 July 2009 is 4475.33 cr which is one of largest asset size in Indian mutual fund and I think a fund with large asset size perform better than small asset size mutual funds.
4.launch date of HDFC TOP 200 FUND (G) is 11oct 1996 so a track record of 13 years is there find more details about HDFC TOP 200 FUND (G) on following link with latest current NAV

6. remember mutual fund is best tool for long term investment not for short term

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