Sunday, August 23, 2009

meaning of normal terms using in SBI CAP SECURTIES

Hi sirmy a/c is sbi caps securities.Is there any minimum number for which i should apply?what is meant by short term and long term investment(duration)
In my trading acc,when i clicked buy option there some terms which i didnt understand likea)order typeb)trade typec)AMOpls tell me in detail and advice me any source where i get all these details.-ask by shri sai dilip ji by e mail

1.AMO means after market order , this facility give you chance that you can place your order when market is closed.
2. ORDER TYPE give you 2 option that either market order or limit order. You can put a market order when market is open. And in market order share buy or sell at market price. If you give a limit order for example you select limit order for punj lloyes @230 than if 230 is came your order is executed.
3. TRADE TYPE means cash trade (for delivery buying) or margin trade (for intra day)
4. minimum share quantity in online trading is 1 share only.
5. in income tax view less than 1 year investment called short term investment
6. more than 1 year investment called long term investment.

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