Monday, June 24, 2013

Vikas Wsp Ltd: Blast in guar gum bubble.

Sir Ji, what is your view on vikas WSP? Thanks in advance. -Srini 
1.Vikas Wsp Ltd is a specialty chemical company of 1 rupee face value actually this company is main producer of guar gum powder which is exported to many country so last year when guar gum price is bubble then price of Vikas Wsp Ltd also bubble. 
2.Year High of Vikas Wsp Ltd is 76.55 and Year low 18.15 , stock traded just on year low so bubble of guar gum price and Vikas Wsp Ltd price is blast.
 3. As you knew my theory that if any stock year high/ year low ratio is more than two then it is good to avoid the stock. 
4. Promoters of Vikas Wsp Ltd hold 24.89 % FII hold 5.53 %, which is normal. 
5. Vikas Wsp Ltd stock show many bulk deals which is a sign of speculation activity so this the another reason to avoid this stock , see details of these bulk deals in this link
6. So overall I think you may avoid Vikas Wsp Ltd. 
7. I have no any stock of Vikas Wsp Ltd.

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