Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Suven Life Sciences Ltd: AVOID

Dear Mahesh ji, I am regular reader of your Blog,let me know your thoughts on suven life sciences, I have 500 shares of this company, its have some patent of drugs, promotors also increased from 63.44 to 64.06, is it good performer  can I wait or exit this stock.ask by khanna 
1.Suven Life Sciences Ltd is a 1 rupee face value pharmaceutical stock. 
2. Year high and year low for Suven Life Sciences Ltd is 35.25 amd 13.75 stock traded at 23.60 this ratio is below 2 but suitable because stock not traded near his year low. 
3.As you already research well that Promoters of Suven Life Sciences Ltd increased their holdings from 63.44 to 64.06%. 
4.Suven Life Sciences Ltd is a dividend paying stock and pay near 0.30 rupee per share dividend per year. 
5.Only one negative thing that chart of Suven Life Sciences Ltd show a downtrend stock just hit his 200 DMA ( see chart below)so after a short uptrend stock may show a long term downside so be cautious and book your profits in any rally.

 Source of Chart shown here is www.bseindia.com 
6. I have no any share of Suven Life Sciences Ltd.

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