Saturday, June 29, 2013

Update on Cals Refineries Ltd.

Respected Mahesh ji, I wish to know about future of CALS Refinery. Shall we hold on this stock or book loss and exit. ask by deepi saini. 
1. Deepi saini is a registered user of my book the winning theory in stock market , deepi ji if you complete my book then please provide your feed back that may be help me in next version of book. 
2.Cals Refineries Ltd is a 1 rupee face value refinery ( petro chemical ) stock which traded at 0.10 
3. Year high of Cals Refineries Ltd is 0.19 and year low 0.10 4. Promoter holding in Cals Refineries Ltd is 2.81 % ,promoters reduce their holding from 2.92 % 
5.Deepi ji , now i come on main point, you already lost most of your investment in cals refinery so it is not wise to book loss in this last point because in this point risk rewards ratio is in your favor so if you able to take delisting loss then i tell you three major sign of reversal in this stock 
a. After a long period stock report net earnings from operations 0.72 million. 
b. No bulk deals in last 2 years so downside is now stable. 
c. Year high/ low also stable below 2 as i told in my book. 
6. Overall Cals Refineries Ltd is not a strong company and may be delisted but above 3 sign of stability show a good risk reward ratio so i not advise you to book your loss at this last point. regards

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  1. Hello Mahesh ji,
    I am regular reader of your blog and thank you for providing your valuable views on stocks.
    I want to invest either on GVK Power/ GMR / Unitech for about 50000 on long term basis say 5yrs. Which stock you suggest in above 3.

    Thank you in advance


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