Sunday, June 16, 2013


Dear Mahesh, What is your view on Birla Power solutions? Some of my friends suggested investing in Birla power equity. As the company was facing labor issue, so it was performing badly but now as labor issues are resolved it is expected to post excellent results. Ask by Rajul mehrotra.
 1. BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD is a 1-rupee face value invertors and genset maker company actually it is not a power generation company BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD make invertors and gentsets. 
2. BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD is a small indo next script. 
3. Year high of BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD is 0.47 and year low 0.17 this ratio is more than 2 so I think stock may not perform well in coming years. 
4. Promoters holding in BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD is 1.08 % only and promoters reduce their holding in every quarter-to-quarter. are you think promoters of Birla power are foolish. Why they sell their stocks every quarter? 
5. So my view is still negative for Birla power solutions. 
6. I have no any share of Birla power.

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