Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Dear sir,
I'd bought 60 shares of ptc india limited @ Rs.112, the current prevailing price is Rs.77.25 which is much lower that it was bought. Similarly i have 100 shares of Rpower which were bought @ 140 and the current rate is Rs.112 Should i continue holding them? or Shall i swap them with some other good companies?  I am planning to invest some amount on arvind mills and grauer &Weil. Would like to have your valuable advice..
Thanks  & Regards
1. Vikaram ji i think swapping in other companies is not a good policy so only wait and forget these investments for some time read my shop keeper approach in stock market in this link
2. i already give my views on PTC india and R POWER if you do not read than please read these views in
3. arvind ltd is my fancy stock i  my view is positive for arvind ltd read my past view on this stock
4. please ask only one questions at a time.
5. arvind ltd is in my personal holding so this is my discloser.

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