Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear sir   I have 6500 share of birla power sol. please suggesed
holding or saling
prayagraj barde

1.prayagraj barde ji birla power sol is a trading stock and i think you already read my former article on birla power solution in this link
2. Birla power solutions is a  1 rupee face value indo next script . 
3. Birla power solution is now technically very weak because 200 day moving average of birla power solution is 1.04 so for fresh buying intrest we will be wait to break 1.04
4. 52 week high of birla power solution is 2.06 and 52 week low 0.62 stock traded near his 52 week low@ 0.69
5.Birla power solutions ltd promoters holding still 4.04 %
6. Birla power solution has approved and ratified an investment of EURO 500 in the share capital of BT Global Investors Ltd a company incorporated in Nicosia being 50% of its paid up share capital pursuant to shareholders agreement.
7. book value of birla power solution is 1.79
8. so i think this is a hold , i have no any stock of birla power solution ltd

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