Monday, August 1, 2011


Mahesh Ji,
I hold some number of JK Paper. Its having a rights issue. Can you please know how we can avail the rights? Also is it worth to avail this stock in this right issue at 42/-?
Rajeev Daniel
1. Rajeev ji namaste, i my view i think bonus and right issue gives only psychological effects on investors . for detail read this article
2. j k paper is a 10 rupee face value paper company book value of this stock is 61.05 and currently traded @44 so it is not worthy to subscribes right issue @42 because after right i think stock goes below 40.
3.  The Issue Opening Date shall be August 08, 2011 and the Issue Closing Date shall be August 23, 2011 and ,27-07-2011 is record date for this right issue means if you hold 4 stocks of J K PAPER LTD at 27-07-2011 than company offer you 3 share @42 in right issue. you receive a offer latter cum application form by post in your registered address which registered with your d mat account.
4. promoters holding of J K PAPER LTD is 39.54 % and FII holding only 0.42 %
5. so my view is negative for J K PAPER LTD  and i have no any share of J K PAPER LTD .


  1. Maheshji
    can you please explain the amalgamation with India Bulls reality company? How will one share of this be converted after the arrangement? Is the management sound and honest one? pl. reply at convenience.


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