Monday, August 1, 2011


Mahesh Ji,
I hold some number of JK Paper. Its having a rights issue. Can you please know how we can avail the rights? Also is it worth to avail this stock in this right issue at 42/-?
Rajeev Daniel
1. Rajeev ji namaste, i my view i think bonus and right issue gives only psychological effects on investors . for detail read this article
2. j k paper is a 10 rupee face value paper company book value of this stock is 61.05 and currently traded @44 so it is not worthy to subscribes right issue @42 because after right i think stock goes below 40.
3.  The Issue Opening Date shall be August 08, 2011 and the Issue Closing Date shall be August 23, 2011 and ,27-07-2011 is record date for this right issue means if you hold 4 stocks of J K PAPER LTD at 27-07-2011 than company offer you 3 share @42 in right issue. you receive a offer latter cum application form by post in your registered address which registered with your d mat account.
4. promoters holding of J K PAPER LTD is 39.54 % and FII holding only 0.42 %
5. so my view is negative for J K PAPER LTD  and i have no any share of J K PAPER LTD .

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