Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Dear SIR,i am an long term investor in the market.i am holding 1000 shares of jbf industries @ the rate of 205,now it is trading @ 156,should i add more or wait .Requesting you to please give your expert opinion. i sent you mail regarding jbf industries,but you have not replied,please reply fast
ask by varda raja

1. sorry varda ji for your complain that i not reply your former mail, i receive 20 questions per day but my limit is reply only few so as i requested earlier that please first googling "sharegenius view stock name) and read my view on your stock. if you not found your stock then mail me and if your reply will not publish in 7 day then please mail it again for second try.
2. JBF INDUSTRIES LTD is a plastic and fiber company with 10 rupee face value.
3. book value of JBF INDUSTRIES LTD  is 121.65
4.year high of JBF INDUSTRIES LTD  is 228 and stock touch his year low 127.10 today.
5. it is very risky to buy a stock on year low because stock on year low is technically weak but you may hold your buying because promoters holding in JBF INDUSTRIES LTD  is 41.87 % and promoter rise there holding from 41.22 % which is good.
6. JBF INDUSTRIES LTD  declare 8 rupee per share dividend and 22.08.11 is record date so enjoy dividend.
7. my view is hold for this stock but fresh buy may be avoid and if able to smart trade then after 23.08.11 sell your holding and try to buy it again at lower Laval.
8. i have no any stock of JBF INDUSTRIES LTD .


  1. Just to put the records straight ,
    JBF Industries has already turned ex-dividend on 17th August 2011.


  2. thanks deepak ji
    you are right stock ex dividend at 17 aug 2011 and 22 aug 2011 is book closer date..thanks a lot for your kind correction. and sorry for mistake


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