Saturday, August 6, 2011


Dear Sir
  I have some shares of Lanco infrastructure for long term means for 1 or 2 years, please send me your advice. ask by shri sunil dutt
1.LANCO INFRATECH LTD is a 1 rupee face value stock from BSE group A and BSE 200.
2. year high of LANCO INFRATECH LTD is 74.70 and year low 16.00 currently traded @ 17.95 so i think stock lost all of his steam and this type of conditions a stock require minimum 2-3 year for outperform again.
3. LANCO INFRATECH LTD promoters holding in June 2011 is 68.24 % and promoters up there holding from 67.95 % it is a good point.
4. book value of LANCO INFRATECH LTD is 13.98 so if stock available @10-14 then you may average outs your holding ( generally my view is against the averaging out a stock so be cautious i think SIP is much better then single averaging)
5.Lanco Bags its first International EPC order; Order valued at Rs 365.28 crore (81.3 mn USD) also bags  Maha Tamil Project
6. so my view is positive for LANCO INFRATECH LTD  it,s results will come in 13 Aug 2011 so i will like to make fresh buying after results and @ 10-14 if available at any fall or if stock run away after results then i will like to buy in SIP method where we buy small quantity every month at a fix date. currently i have no any stock of LANCO INFRATECH LTD .

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  1. Hello,

    Can you please put some more details about this particular stock? Like : Oder book, debt, total asset, total liability, last 3 years revenue and PAT.

    Arindam Dey


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