Sunday, August 28, 2011


SIR,          I am a regular reader of ur blog....I have plan of investing in ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD for 2-3 yrs prospective..can u advise me whether this company is worthwhile investing,,thanks in advance ask by shri surya kamal
1.ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD is a 5 rupee face value plastic products company.
2. year high of ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD is 208 and year low 116.60 stock traded at 178.25 now.
3. book value of ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD is 66.20 so at CMP ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD  is not a value buy.
4. promoters holding in ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD is 63.82 % and FII holding 1.74 % but DII holding is nil and i think this is not good why managers of DII and FII avoid this stock?
5. so overall my view is negative for ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD 
6. i have no any stocks of astral poly technik ltd.

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