Monday, February 22, 2010


Dear Kaushik sahab,
I have shares of satyam computer services @95, but I have heard it is merging with Tech mahindra so will satyam be delisted then what should I do?
With regards
ASK BY shri Pranav ji
1. respected pranav ji when mahindra satyam merge in to take mahindra then you will be automatically allotted tech mahindra shares in exchange of satyam share so please do not worry in this concern.( swap ratio is not declare but I think it is near about 10:1 )
2. Tech mahindra did not indicate any timeline for the merger; it is likely to happen soon after the fraud-hit Satyam announces its financials. The Company Law Board has granted time till June 30, 2010, for Satyam to file its accounts.
3. Tech mahindra is a very good strong fundamental company and if this merger happens you may no need to worry only hold your shares and look your profitable exit. One more important thing that if this merger date declares then a speculation rally happens in mahindra satyam or in this rally you may got price near about 140.
4. So only wait for merger or speculation rally.

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