Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bharat Immunological & Biological Corporation Ltd

Hi Mahesh,
Is it worth buying Bharat Immunological & Biological Corporation Ltd for long term?
Ask by shri Aravind CH

1. This is a loss making Pharmacy Company related to BSE group S.
2. Promoter hold 59.25 percent in bharat immunological &biological ltd and DII hold 27.60 percent is a good sign because promoter holding is more then 50 percent and interest of institutional investors is good.
3. This company never gives dividends since 2002.
4. Free float market cap of this share is 37 cr. And I like company which free float market cap is small.
5. important:- year low of this share is 8.51 and share touch his year high 25.85 at 20 Jan 2010 and after this share is continue in down trend and market depth is negative so I think it is wise to wait price below 10 for long term investment. Because book value of this share is 6.70 only so at current price this is not a value buying.

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