Saturday, June 12, 2010


Dear Mahesh,
Request your opinion on Cranes Software. I have a friend who has invested at abut 17rs. Since promoters hold only abut 16% of shares & I have also heard that company has not been regular in paying salaries of employees, large debt, I feel this may not be a good investment. However before I could advise him to switch over to another company I thought it prudent to ask your opinion.
Brgds/ Rajendra

1. Cranes software is a 2 rupees face value share with a very high book value of 53.70
2. EPS of crans is 1.14 and P/E is 10.
3. Promoter holding is 16.15 percent FII hold 13.48 percent
4. although book value is very high but I agree with you and think is it unwise to make a fresh buy in crans software but in shifting I am neutral because in my system generally I unlike shifting in loss.

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