Monday, June 21, 2010


To day itry to educate my reders about fundamental analysis

To check one company fundamental….apply these step…..

1. First check shareholding pattern of stock in following link of BSE site
If promoters share holding is more than 80 percent is very good, more than 50 percent is good and more than 33 percent also good but avoid share with low promoter holding less then 15 percent should be avoided strictly.
Then check mutual fund holding if it more than 20 percent than this is good
If General public holding greater then 75 percent this is very very bad sign for share performance.
2. When you fill share name in above bse link than you see company result’s link at the bottom of page see result’s of company.
3. Then go to page
And in right side of page you find research center link fill your company code in this link and find balance sheet profit and loss year high low of share and many other fundamental
4. Go to this link
And download study material free in PDF formats this is a high quality study material for NSE certification course in financial market (NCFM). You also enroll you in this course and give EXAM and get certificate from NSE
5. We also write a complete course in Hindi about Indian share market when it completes it will be available at normal cost for our visitors.
SENT YOUR STOCK QUESTIONS TO for free answer (read 00 as zero zero)......we thankful to our visitors for there continue support of this blog....

Mr.saravanan also sent a poem for our visitors read it

Past is Experience...!Present is Experiments...!Future is Expectations...!Use your Experience in your Experiments to achieve your Expectations...!!!

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  1. Very useful information
    You can find information share market here


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