Sunday, June 6, 2010


Dear readers
Money making in share market is not so easy. I feel very sad When I hear someone lost his money in F&O trading. Why you try to speculate in intra day or F&O. our business channel make a worst role for investors. Are you remember one year ago when punj lloyed traded at 270 then one news channel launch a broker poll and according to this channel 90 percent broker say punj lloyed is a buy and now price of punj lloyed come 117 from 270.
One other business channel treat share investing like a game it launch share as batsman or bowler what a funny your money is not an IPL.
One other dangerous story is “khatro ke khiladi” these all is speculation trade only not value investing so please protect your money from these short term tools.
Some readers thanks to me about vijya bank recommendation I recommended vijya bank @46 near about 2 months ago on this blog and now it is 62 ( give 3 rupees per share dividend also) it is not bad to book all or part profit in vijya bank.
I think telecom sector start performs and may lead come rally. Avoid auto and banking sector now.
Mahesh kaushik

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