Monday, June 14, 2010


Dear Sir,
I bought 2400 shares Hexaware @ 81.75 and 412 shares of Hindalco @ 155. What is its growth for 2 years?
Shankar marimuthu
1. Hexaware is an IT company with 2 rupees face value. Promoter hold 28.50 percent FII hold 36.68 percent, book value is 52.84 and year low 36 so I think your entry point of 81.75 is very high so sell these stocks @ 85-90 with some profit and buy again @ 50-60 if available.
2. Hindalco is well known aluminum company with 32.08 percent promoter holding, 32.08 percent FII holding and 1 rupees face value. Book value of share is 134.27. it is uneasy to told 2 year growth story because market run 75 percent on speculation basis if market is down hindalco is not run against market do not be forget in 2008 hindalco low is 40-45 only. So it is always better to book 15 percent profit and tries to buy share again in lower price.
Your both of companies is good and investor friendly so no need to worry.

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  1. Metals rallied a lot followed by good correction. Need to let them settle down and then buy. Hindalco is one among them.



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