Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hi Mahesh,
Can you please share your views on Tulip Communication and Dish TV. Is it a right time to enter them as of 5th March 2012...Thanks for your views....Javed
1.tulip telecom ltd is a 2 rupee face value stock.
2. year high/ low for tulip telecom ltd is 167/84.85 and stock traded near his year low. this situation is not bullish.
3.promoter holding in tulip telecom is 70.08% which is increasing from 69.87% i like this type increasing promoters holding.
4. base price ( 3 year average price ) for tulip communication is 161.32 ( click here to download 3 year price history with base price) stock cross it in downside in July 2011, so i think stock may under perform the market in coming 1-2 year and may be available at lower prices if you wait sometime.
5. overall my view is negative for tulip communication at CMP and i think it may available at lower prices so for fresh investments wait below 75 for tulip telecom and for dish TV wait below 40 for fresh investment ( this is not sure target i may be wrong like other investor).
6. For educate small investor my basic concepts of investing is now available at my new website in this website you read more detail about my analysis and base price theory . i also  give my buying list in this website

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