Sunday, April 1, 2012


I am in MUmbai staying in borivali in a joint family. Planning for house from long time in Borivali (Mumbai suburb).
Waiting from last 2 years for price to fall but it keep going up.
Sir, what is right time to buy, pls advise me

Sorry sandip i did not knew ABCD of property market
i extremely sorry for this but i am not able to help you in this way but if you provide your date of birth birth time and birth place  than i am able to tell you about your house and property future in help of astrology. ( provide your mail id for this purpose)
please note i am not give astrology advice generally so other reader please not ask and mail me for astrology advice ,
 i use lal kitab books of pt roop chand joshi ( my belive is only on pt. roop chand joshi farwala punjab original urdu books of lal kitab for this purpose which is available for free download at net so please do not confuse with  pt g d vashist lal kitab amrita which ad shown on TV  )
so search these books and learn astrology. hindi translation of these books also available on net visit for this purpose. ( image shwn in this article is a property of )

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