Saturday, April 28, 2012


Iam Raju Patil , Is a small investor. Requesting you to please give your expert view on "Shirpur Gold. (512289)". After Budget what is the impact on this script? So shall i invest more in this stock at present condition Or Wait Or Exit.....what are the future prospects of this company. Please give your valuable advice......
1. Raju ji ,i remember in 8 may 2011 i give my negative view on shirpur gold at your question when this stock is traded at 128 and after my views stock fall to 58 in Nov 2011 .i think you already read this former view at this link
 2.SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD is a 10 rupee face value gold refine company. SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD is belonged to BSE T group share where company equity is low , read this article to understand rally in group T companies ...
3. year high of SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD is 146.50 and year low is 58 stock traded near 128 so this ratio is good in my basic concepts of investing.
4. promoters holding is 72.71 % and FII hold 3.07 % FII increase there holding from 0.60 % so this is good.
5. But heavy bulk deals in sell side is still continue this is a great negative point which hide all of positive points in point 1 to 3 of this article so i think this is the time to exit ( as big player exit from bulk deals) read these bulk deal details from BSE site on this link ( after open the link enter stock code 512289 and choose date range for see details of bulk deals)
6. so in a rally share of shirpur gold may be makes new highs but i do not change my views on this company because big players exit in every rise so my view is negative for SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD , i have no any stock of SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD.

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  1. This is not any big player,but the old promoters benami itself who are exiting from the company after it taken over by Zee Group


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