Sunday, April 1, 2012


Mahesh Ji,
I had purchased some amount of Ankur drugs two years before. What is your suggestion on what to do? ask by shri rajeev daniel ji
1. Ankur drugs ltd is a 10 rupee face value indo next script.
2. you just buy it when promoter start to sell his holding,  at 2010  i warn about this concern on this blog read this article for knew my warning "click here to read "
3. in above article i warn to wait 6 months but after that i see promoter still dilute there holdings than i give my clear negative view at 2011 click here to read it.
4. now promoters holding only 17.62% so dilution is still continue.
5. you are in big loss so if you sell at currant price when you already lost 90% of your money than it is not good  so wait for a news base rise ( when promoters try to exit his remain holding ) than try to get rid from this company
6. my view is still negative , i have no any stock of ankur drugs ltd.

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