Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hi, thank u for Ur great job for the common peoples .NOW my question- i am a small cap investor and ready to wait for next 5 or 8or 10 years with strong fundamental stocks. what is Ur
long term target prize of southindian bank?( people say 100 or 150) if my stockselction is wrong then pls suggest me 4 or5 stocks with bright future with low risk..DILITH NM
1.South indian bank is a 1 rupee face value stock so currant price 25 is not very low price because if we compaire it any 10 rupee face value banking stock than it is 250.
2. south Indian bank net profit and EPS is increasing on Q by Q basis so i think it is positive.
3.year high of south Indian bank is 28.30 and year low 19.55 it is also positive.
4.PROMOTER HOLDING IS NIL FOR SOUTH INDIAN BANK and India Capital Fund Ltd hold near 9 % stake in this bank click here to see complete fund holding from BSE site so i think if you buy this stock than it is good to book a short term profit in range of  30-40 but avoid it for long term.
5. book value of south Indian bank is 14.96 so this buy target is only for short term investor fair price of stock is 12-13 only.
6. i have no any stock of south Indian bank ltd.

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