Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Maheshji,I am holding Mastek for more than a year now and the holding price is around 233.
Can you please suggest if I should be averaging at this point. Also could you throw some light on stop loss and profit booking mechanism to be followed by a retail investor as in my case Mastek had touched 450 after I bought the share but was not able to cash in the opportunity.
Thanks & Regards
1. Mastek ltd is a 5 rupee face value IT stock.
2. year high of MASTEK LTD is 136.75 and year low 73
3. MASTEK LTD is in loss and company EPS is negative.
4. MASTEK LTD promoter holding 42.65 % and FII holding 19.13 % which is normal.
5.  MASTEK LTD  book value is 139.78 so your purchase price 233 is above book value .
6. For stop loss and profit booking mechanism i invent a BASE PRICE THEORY which is publish soon on my website ( my personal website with custom domain name is under construction so please wait till work on this website is complete after that i provide you URL of my new website. ).
7. my view for  MASTEK LTD is negative to HOLD in short term. or book partial  loss at every rise than buy it again if fall below 80 .
8. i have no any stock of  MASTEK LTD.


  1. Dear Sir,
    What are your views on Titan Ind. If someone holding from very long (10 years+), is it a time/price for investment sell. OR titan can still give reasonable return for couple of more years from here onward. ( From CMP)


  2. please ask your question in this link


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