Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hello Mahesh ji,
I want to start SIP for Rs.5000/per month into 3 Mutual funds (like, Rs 2000 * 1 ,1500 * 2) for 5 years. could you please tell me which mutual fund is best?
1. Yes for your first 2000 i think you choose INFRA BEES for details of infra bees click here.
2. Next 1500 will be added in HDFC TOP 200. for detail click here.
3. Third 1500 will be added  in BANK BEES for detail click here.
4. I think you will be happy to follow this wealth creation plan.
5. Please remember author of this blog is not a registered financial advisor. i am also a small investor like you and share my view only.

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