Saturday, January 21, 2012


Dear Mahesh sir.
I am holding 2000 shares of edserv soft @ rs.250,now it is trading @ 60,what shall i do,can i average now at this price or hold it.what are the future prospects of this company.
1. EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is an IT training company with 10 rupee face value.
2. year high of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is 162.40 and year low 38.80 so as my formula " when year high/year low ratio is more than 2.5 than we will avoid this stock for next one year."
3. promoters of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD continue reduce there holding in company in march 2011 it is 24.52% and now promoters holding in EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is 15.59% only so this is a clear AVOID.
4.Book value of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is 62.80 so that is good but i think stock will not recover in short term periods due to other indicators, so if you want to start averaging out the stock than buy it gradually.
5. overall my view is negative for EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD and i have no any stock of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD.
6. GOOD NEWS:- i invented a BASE PRICE SYSTEM IN STOCK MARKET this research is near about complete and result of research is very exiting , this will publish soon on my blog i think this BASE PRICE FORMULA IN STOCK MARKET change your way of investing.


  1. missing : in the link "http//"

    Admire your efforts to educate small investors.

  2. killivalavan ji thank you , I updated the link , I am very happy to get such type of smart and well wisher followers , once again thanks.


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