Saturday, January 14, 2012

Avance Technologies Ltd :AVOID

Dear Maheshji,
Can you give me your detail analsysis of Avance Technologies at this point of time. Have invested in this small stock at average price of Rs0.23 and looking for little returns,please analysis and give your detail of the stock, also let me know,have taken risk investing in this is staying in 0.20 rs for more than a week now and huge buying is going is the upper circuit/lower circuit limit is decided for this stock...what will be the near term future of this penny stock...with high risk taken by me....
ask by shri vijay rajagopal ji

1.AVANCE TECHNOLOGIES LTD is a 1 rupee face value stock.
2. year high of AVANCE TECHNOLOGIES LTD is 9..68 and year low 0.16 only and stock traded on his year low.
3. promoters holding 1.99% only so promoters sell all of his stocks and most of stock hold by general public and small investors like you and me. very poor fundamental situation of promoters holding.
4. i think this is end of speculation story.
5. AVANCE TECHNOLOGIES LTD is lost all of his steam and i think you may get exit from this stock , i have no any stock of AVANCE TECHNOLOGIES LTD.


  1. can i buy avance @0.18 ?

    1. atleast for0.16, can you tell me if the price would reach its old levels or how much time I need to wait for avance to touch 5 rs....I have 3 lacs share for 5..shall I hold or sell....kindly advice.

    2. Just wait and watch.....

      Monday, March 05, 2012, Circuit limit change from 5% to 10%{A3B410DC-956A-464C-8697-01700A363166}&noticeno=20120305-20&dt=3/5/2012&icount=20&totcount=25&flag=0

      Download : Annexure for and check the filter change.....


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