Saturday, January 14, 2012


I want to purchase "Kwality" is this good share to make profit?
1. Promoter share holding in kwality dairy is 74.98% in January 2010 promoters hold 83.70 percent stake in this company so promoters reduce there holding in kwality dairy india ltd and you knew i do not like reducing promoters stake.

2. Kwality dairy is a 1 rupee face value stock and year high of this stock is 215.40 year low 28.55 , this situation is negative when a stock price lost his more than 50 % within a year than i think stock lost his steam.
3. remember in 27 oct 2008 kwality dairy is trading at 14.60 and in 20 aug 2009 it reach at 449.95and in 2003 kwality dairy price only 1.85 so i think this is a speculative former penny stock.
4. I think valuation of kwality dairy is still very high. book value of  kwality dairy India ltd is 4.48 only. I warn about kwality dairy when it is traded 600+.CLICK HERE TO READ MY FORMER ARTICLE ABOUT KWALITY DAIRY
In my former article you see that journey of kwality dairy is start from 1.85(when face value of this share is 10 ) and current price38.90 ( now face value is 1 only) is very very high price so I think it is wise to avoid this share.
5. i have no any stock of kwality dairy India ltd.

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  1. Hallo maheshji, read about ur wife sickness. Wish u n ur family all the best and pray for happy life. Take care of u n family.


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