Saturday, November 5, 2011


hi Mahesh sir,
Thanks for your efforts and dedication towards this wonderful blog. I was reading your old pages come across many good recommendations like arvind ltd etc. but i had found this good blog recently could not able to buy your recommended good stocks. i want to invest for long term may be few for 5 to 6 yrs and few for another 10yrs. it would be grate if you could suggest such good and potential stocks which can be multibaggers in long run in future. like arvind ltd which you mentioned in many posts.
Thanks for your time

1. Sudheer ji , FIRST SOURCE SOLUTION LTD  is my top multi bagger pick for this time i think one could making a 1000 rupee per month SIP in first source ltd for multibagger ltd like arvind ltd , the power of this method is tested with my self.
2. i tell you my true story i make a 1000 per month SIP in arivnd ltd for 5 year at SEPT 2005 when arvind ltd is traded @140 , after making my SIP it will be down and down but my confidence for my stock is not down and i will continue with my 5 year plan i see price of @12 also, so overall i invested 60,000 in 5 year and bought 1632 stock of ARVIND LTD , now my ARVIND LTD portfolio value is 175000. and i still hold ARVIND LTD.
3. for details of FIRST SOURCE LTD fundamentals please visit
4. my second recommendations is KAMDHENU ISPAT LTD for making a multibagger SIP. read details of KAMDHENU ISPAT LTD at
5. third recommendations is INFRA BEES , read detail at
6. and finally you may consider my fundamentals stocks which i describe at every third Sunday on this blog and you can make a 1000 rupee per month SIP in these stocks , read details at
7. my personal interest is included in all of these stocks, read disclaimer on this blog before investing. 

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