Saturday, November 26, 2011


Dear Mahesh,
I have been regularly following your blog. I have couple of questions regarding the analysis part.
1. Where do you find the book value of a company. Is there any website which provides this value?
2 . where do you get the debt/equity ratio
3. is there any site which give most of the information what you look at it? or do you look at multiple sites and do your analysis
Please answer
1. OH, Ravi you ask my secret point! suppose if i disclose my source of information than who is like to visit my blog? not worry point no 1 is just a joke...i always like to educate investors and make them independent so today i disclose that how i collect information about a stock.
3. first of all i use
site for getting most of information like face value of stock , promoters holding , FII holding and dividend history price history, news bulk deals etc.
4. but book value of stock not available in above link so i use google to get book value , just type book value of....(your company name) in google search box and look the results.
5.for debt/equity ratio i use dalal street monthly magazine where data base of most of companies is provided in some pages otherwise visit company site to locate balance sheet.
6. than i get a conclusion on base of face value book value promoters holding price history debt/equity ratio and my experience.
7. in this blog post you see an image of apple which i bought last year and happy to see it shape like to lord ganesha.

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