Saturday, June 11, 2011


Mahesh Ji,
Please give your opinion about Piramal healthcare
Rajeev Daniel

1. Piramal healthcare is a 2 rupee face value pharmaceuticals stocks and I think all pharma share traded in very high valuations since last 2 years and downtrend in pharma stocks is just start.
2. For example year high of Piramal healthcare ltd is 560 and year low 360, Piramal healthcare ltd is currently traded at 366.25 so this is clear that this stock in continue in downtrend and I do not advice to invest this type of stocks which is enter in downtrend.
3. Promoters of Piramal healthcare ltd is hold 53.31 % FII hold 20 % DII hold 5.70% but FII and DII reduce their holding in this quarter.
4. Piramal healthcare ltd declare dividend of 6.00 rupee per share and special dividend of 6.00 rupee per share record date for these dividends is 01.08.2011.
5. We see lot of bulk deal in piramal healthcare ltd @511 and I think this situation is not good ,
6. Book value of piramal healthcare ltd is 856.94 so I think share is a value buy and fundamentally sounds but piramal healthcare ltd not fulfill my criteria for choosing a stocks. As I describe in above points that share traded his year low and continue correct after bulk deals FII and DII reduce their holdings are concern for me so BUY in SIP method is good strategy for this type of stock.
7. I have no any share of piramal healthcare ltd.

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  1. HI Kausikji,

    What is your view on Gujarat State Petronet Limited. Is it good to buy for a long term-1-2 year. What is the best price to buy this stock!


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