Monday, June 27, 2011


bhisahab pranam,HANUNG TOYS & TEXTILES ke bare men kuch bataye,is it a value buying now? ASK BY SHRI ROHIT BIST

1. HANUNG TOYS &TEXTILES LTD is a 10 rupee face value gift item company and this the trading stocks which discuss mostly traders on TV.
2.year high of HANUNG TOYS & TEXTILES LTD is 414.30 and year low 126 stock traded at 127 so my rule is " when a stock fall more then 50 % in a year than i think it will show more downside" and i will avoid this type of stock.
3. book value of HANUNG TOYS & TEXTILES LTD is 202.94 so this is a value buy in terms of book value.
4. promoters holding of HANUNG TOYS & TEXTILES LTD is 65.30 % and FII holding 6.90 % this point is good . Feb 2011 and DEC 2010 we see huge bulk deals in HANUNG TOYS & TEXTILES LTD and this is a negative point because my experience say when i see this type of bulk deals share mostly enter in sideways move for 1-2 year.
6. so i think you may avoid this stock , i have no any share of HANUNG TOYS &TEXTILES LTD.
7.HANUNG TOYS &TEXTILES LTD has decided to defer its GDR Issue due to the current volatility in Indian securities market and also due to the current share price of the Company being lower than the floor price determined as per the regulatory guidelines.


  1. nice point.but in this script last one week move upside.why

  2. just trading run due to market upside ... this type of stocks gve trading run in good market conditions


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