Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Mahesh came across your blog. What do you think about GDL & Sintex Industries?Thanks-- Anurag Jain
1. Sintex industries are a 2 rupees face value plastic product company.
2. FY 08-09 EPS of this company is 19.68 and share traded at P/E multiple of 13 so reasonable price valuation is there.
3. Promoter hold 30.15 and FII hold 27.68 percent stake in sintex industries so holding pattern show that share price may see volatile due to huge FII interest.
4. This company continue pay dividend since 2006.
5. Book value of this share is 119.27
6. although share of sintex industries traded a fair valuation but due to low book value we are cautious and I think if anyone hold sintex than it is wise to book 40 percent holding at current price and remain 40 percent at 320+ than re purchased near about 110-150 range in next fall.


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