Saturday, March 20, 2010


Respected Sir,
I enjoy reading your column regulerly.Sir I bought secunderabad health care 2000 @19 for long term .Please give your advice
Ajish Kumar
Pathanamthitta (dist)
1. Secunderabad healthcare Ltd. is a 10 rupees face value share of healthcare services industries.I like 10 rupees face value share due to future chance of stock spilt.
2. 52 week high of Secunderabad healthcare Ltd. is 42.5 and 11.42 is 52 week current price is near to 52 week low.
3. book value of Secunderabad healthcare Ltd. is 14.42 book value of share is near about it market price so I think share is fairly priced.
3. Promoter holding is 22.89 and FII holding nil percent. promoter holding in this share is very low so fundamentally this is a weak situation but this type of promoter holding is a good take over target so I think one day this share run sharply if any take over story occurred
4. EPS of Secunderabad healthcare Ltd. is 0.70 so current P/E is 24.64. low EPS and high P/E show share may showdown side till 13-14 but it is not sure. price range of 17-18 some bulk deal is showen in this share
CLICK HERE TO READ DETAILS ABOUT THESE BULK DEAL so these bulk deal on buying side show that in near future a speculation khichadi may be cooking
6. I think it is good to hold and fresh buying in this share for enjoy the test speculation khichadi. But be cautious this khichadi is very hot and may burn your mouth if you try to eat it very fast. So please read disclamair before take any action.

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  1. Please do not watch this company.
    The company track record is not good. It has already closed a Hospital called NEW CITY HOSPITALs in Secunderabad. The promoters defaulted to many in terms of payments. The only strength it has is a listed company. In case any one would like to invest in the company please visit the Compnay address and its operations.


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