Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Respected Sir,
hi mahesh ji,
i have bought 70000 shares of BIRLA COTSYN @1.02 per share.should i hold??give ur opinion about future of this company ask by divya jyoti
1. Birla cotsyn (india)ltd is a 1 rupees face value share of textiles industries in BSE group T.remember face value of this share is 1 rupees only so if we compare current market price 0.97 to 10 rupees face value than it is 9.70 so share is not cheap.
2. 52 week high of Birla cotsyn (india)ltd is 1.47 and 0.33 is 52 week low.
3. book value of Birla cotsyn (india)ltd is 1.34 book value of share is near about it market price so I think share is fairly priced.
4. Promoter holding is 34.13 and FII holding nil percent. normal promoter holding but FII interst is zero
5. EPS of Birla cotsyn (india)ltd is 0.07 so current P/E is 13.86. not very exiting EPS
6.Birla Cotsyn (India) Ltd has informed BSE that at the meeting of the Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company, duly convened and held on March 15, 2010, the Company has allotted to 'The Bank of New York Mellon' in its capacity as Depositary, 968,900,000 fully paid equity shares of Re. 1.00 each of the Company to be represented by a global master GDR certificate representing 9,689,000 Global Depository Receipts. this is a same story to cals refinary in GDR terms

7. I think company is not very exited but due to his name including "birla" and low price it is a great trader choice and I think market victim huge rally in coming months (may be) so if this is happen this stock also run very fast..

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  1. this a good honest service,thank you

  2. hi thanks nice view . you are good at this . rea;;y appreciate

  3. Sir plz tell me what the delisting pricefor birla cot

    1. Birla cotsyn is not de listed and Still traded @0.05

  4. Kay me isme investment karu. About 70000 quantities. apki kay raay he sir

    1. Birla cotsyn promoters pledged his 48.43% stocks and company still in loss and net sale per share is 0.42 only So in my view you may not invest in birla cotsyn.


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