Thursday, March 4, 2010


Mahesh came across your blog. What do you think about Gate way Distri Park?Thanks-- ask by shri Anurag Jain ji
1. Promoter holdings in gate way distripark is 45.54 percent and it is good that promoter increase there holding from 43.46 percent (sept 2008) to 45.54 percent and FII hold 19.95 percent in this scrip is also a good pattern.
2. This is a 10 rupees face value Transportation – Logistics Company.
3. This company continues give dividends so not bad to hold.
4. Gateway Distriparks Ltd has informed BSE that a fire has broken out on January 31, 2010 late night at the warehouse of the Company's Punjab Conware CFS facility at Navi Mumbai. The Company has rushed the Fire brigade to the spot and they are making efforts to put out the fire. Insurance authorities and the other external agencies have been notified and the extent of damage is being assessed. The Company is also making arrangements for minimum disruption to the operations. So this is the primary reason for current fall in this share.
5. So I think it is not bad to hold this share but for a fresh buying below 80or range of 80-60 is a good buying because book value of this scrip is 58.78 only

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