Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hello sir could you please light on Scrip Photoquip ask by thanveer 
1. PHOTOQUIP INDIA LTD is a very low volume periodic call auction stock. 
2. First of all i want to tell my readers that "what is periodic call auction?" when a low equity stock have low volume then it is easy to speculate in price of this type of stock so stock exchanges enter these type of low volume stocks in periodic call auction. If a stock traded in periodic call auction then your order is expire in every hour.So if your order is not ececuted then you need to place a fresh order in every hour.
3.PHOTOQUIP INDIA LTD is a photographic product company and current market price of photoquip is 40 and year high of photoquip is 49.90, year low is 30.25. 
4. You wonder that in 2004 photoquip india ltd traded at 3.16 and in 2008 this stock traded at 5.80 so now after touching an all time high of 58.90 in 2010 i have no screw up any courage to buy this stock. 
5. Stock have low earnings low volume and many bulk deals which showing speculation activity so this is another negative point for me. 
6. Only one positive point that promoters of PHOTOQUIP INDIA LTD increase their holding from 54.76% to 57.78 % but this is not sufficient for screw up courage to buy this stock. 
7. I already mention some low price periodic call auction stocks in my website like BLB ltd, National plastic etc. So i think this is much bettar to buy these type of stocks when they traded thire lows not near theire highes. 
8. I have no any stock of Photoquip ltd. 
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