Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to get quick reply of your stock questions

Recently I received 100’s of e mails about stock query but I am unable to reply all so I think we use a short method of comments for getting a quick reply. 
Make your comment at any blog post of this blog and I will direct reply under your comment on same blog post. 
Only selected question who eligible for detail reply is publish as separate post otherwise you find reply comment under your asking comment. 
For example you want to ask about Suzlon energy then you make your comment on any of my blog post and I reply your comment then it will be look like 
Praveen goswami – hello sir please tell about suzlon 
Reply by Mahesh Kaushik:- Suzlon is 2 rupee face value Heavy Electrical Equipment company which is traded at 7.70 and year high suzlon is 26.90 Year low 5.72 So In my view where a stock down more then 50 % within a year there more downside is remain. Promoters of suzlon decrease their holding from 37.78 % to 36.55 % and stock have many bulk deals so I think stock is good but you may wait at least 6 months for a fresh buy

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