Saturday, November 30, 2013


Sir, i am very regular visitor to your site. please suggest me any good shares for long term investment may be for 5 yrs and also for 10yrs Happy that your earlier suggestions like first source solutions are really doing wonders . thanks sudheer 
1. Sudheer Ji, Thank you for appreciating me, I Remember that in 2011 i recommended SIPs in these 5 stocks in reply of your question FIRST SOURCE , KAMDHENU ISPAT , INFRA BEES , MTNL , REL COM and in these 5 stocks 4 stock give you 50% to 125% return in 2 years only MTNL not perform well but do not worry about MTNL because MTNL and BSNL have signed a MOU in 24 Sept 2013, that both BSNL and MTNL will utilize the network and infrastructure of each other for greater operational synergy and single window customer delivery. This will result into greater synergy between the two organizations. I am sure that when BSNL IPO is come ( or rumors start about BSNL IPO ) then MTNL give us 100+ price. 
2. New visitor of this blog who not read my earlier article about these 5 stock first read it at this link 
3. Now i told you my 5 best stock picks of currant time this time my most most favourite stock is County club india ltd because promoters of country club india ltd up theire stake and other fundamentals criteria also best, read more details about country club india ltd in these links 
4. Next 2 is INFRA BESS and MTNL as i told you earlier. 
5. Guj Sidhee cement is my 4th choice because after capital restructuring guj sidhee is a debt free company and as my past experience this type of capital restructuring is good for stock valuation. 
6. Manali petro is 5 th choice because i think after complete decontrol  of petro products manali petro will be touch in 3 figure price. 
7. So my top 5 stock picks are Country Club, Infra bees,MTNL,Guj Sidhee, Manali petro. 
8. All above 5 stocks are in my personal holdings.


  1. Mahesh Ji,

    Regarding INFRABEES, can you give me where I can find more information about it? Any link to moneycontrol or ICICIDIRECT?

  2. Namaste Mahesh ji, i have been following your posts for 3 years and have reaped profits from your advice, i want to buy your book from amazon. you are providing some free data of stocks. please tell me which stocks would be beneficial to have in excel form. is that data different from aon available at please reply and oblige.


  3. Madav ji,
    I provide Free price history of any 5 BSE listed stock (which you choose) in this price history i provide datewise high low close open WAP and deliverable quantity in excel format and please note this scheme is closed on 10 Dec 2013 ,This data is different from NSEINDIA because in nseindia wap deliverable quantity and spread high low not available.

  4. Hi Maheshji
    Thank you for replying. Please give some fundamentally good companies for SIP investments. you have mentioned 5 picks above. I am confused what is infrabees. Is it a fund managed by Goldman Sachs?

  5. Hello mahesh ji.
    After a long time. Reddy here. Sir what is ur view on rolta india ltd. Even promotors ar increasing stake...


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