Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hi Mahesh ji, Could you comment on a Buy call for OPTO CIRCUIT? Ask by anonymous
1. As I requested earlier please ask your question with your name.
2. OPTO CIRCUITS (INDIA) LTD is a 10 rupee face value medical equipment company.
3. Year high for OPTO CIRCUITS (INDIA) LTD is 225.32 and year low 97.25 so as I describe earlier in Mahesh Kaushik dot com website that if year high/ year low ratio is more than 2 than it is good to wait for more downside.
4. Promoters holding in OPTO CIRCUITS (INDIA) LTD are 28.17 % and FII holding 37.14 % both are normal but heavy FII holding make it risky.
5. OPTO CIRCUITS (INDIA) LTD gives a recent bonus in march 2012 so as my general rule I avoid a stock for 2 years after a recent bonus and stock split.
6. Overall I think you may avoid OPTO CIRCUITS (INDIA) LTD  Avoid because I think in next market fall stock of OPTO CIRCUITS (INDIA) LTD may be down below 80.
7. I have no any stock of OPTO CIRCUITS (INDIA) LTD.

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  1. You are correct, current price is about Rs. 70


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